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Classic Chicharrones Recipe

Chicharrones are easy, crispy, and utterly delicious! They are great to make for a large crowd or even just as a snack! Either way, chicharrones never fail to disappoint.



  • Diced pork fat (thawed) - 3 lbs. (1x1 inch. cubes)


  • Salt

  • Chives or Green Onion (Optional)


  • Water


  1. Heat pan or wok to medium-high heat.

  2. Place the diced pork fat into the pan.

  3. Add a small amount of water to cook the pork & prevent fat from burning (a quarter inch. high in pan).

  4. The water will start to evaporate, stir the pork frequently. .

  5. As the fat renders, the pork will begin frying in its own fat. Keep stirring!

  6. Stir the pork for about 45 mins. until the pork fat is crispy & golden.

  7. Strain & remove pork fat from pan.

  8. Add salt and other seasonings to liking while it's still hot!


  • Cook the pork fat for longer or shorter time to your desired amount of crispiness.

  • Once cooled, you can store & refrigerate the remaining fat from the pan in a glass jar for cooking!

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